Astor Platinum Lift Chair

The Astor Platinum Lift chair is the ultimate in providing mobility to those who have lost it or just need that extra bit of help in getting up. With a clever mechanical design that allows you to quickly rise and be lowered again and the use of a remote control, it couldn’t be easier! Add to that an extendable foot rest and extra plush cushioning, the Astor Platinum Lift chair is complete with all the bells and whistles!

Features & Warranty

  • Zero Gravity (no extra weight on your limbs)
  • Extended footrest (compared to other Lift chairs)
  • New Generation controls for ease of use
  • Battery back up (for power outages)
  • Lift capacity 160kg
  • Ability to use Duck-Tex fabric
  • Refer to website or instore for warranty information

Download dimensions